10 Interesting Pregnancy Myths & Facts

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"Can I fly if I am pregnant?", "Can I still exercise?" and “Can I still enjoy my morning caffeine hit?

Pregnant women ask all of these questions and more…

Earlier this week we were doing or usual rounds on Pinterest and came across some interesting facts and frankly bizarre myths, which we just had to share!


pregnancy exercise

You can’t exercise – MYTH!

This is a total myth.

Whilst it may feel awkward to move about, let alone exercise, it is better for you and the baby to stay active during pregnancy. It’s a simple as that 😊


hair dye pregnancy

You can’t dye your hair – MYTH! Ish..

Imagine 9 months of bad hair days?

Well it’s not quite that bad, some research has been done to show that you are safe to colour your hair whilst pregnant.

From our finds online it would take a very large amount of chemicals to cause serious harm – more than you’d ever need.


pregnancy baby

Your baby gets food before you do – FACT

Whilst your baby is not actually getting any of the food you eat, it will be getting first access to all its nutrients.

These pass through the bloodstream constantly and can often leave the mother lacking in nutrients like Iron. If this happens to you be sure to make a trip to the doctors who’ll be able to give you tablets to supplement what’s missing.

There really hasn’t been a better excuse to remain healthy during pregnancy right?!


hair thickness when pregnant

Your hair becomes thicker – FACT

Have you been pregnant before and felt that you hair feels fuller?

Well, you are not on your own, your hair isn’t growing any more than it usual does but hair loss is actually reduced.

This is thanks to all the oestrogen receptors that your hair contains.


baby cry in womb pregnancy

Babies cry in the womb – FACT

This one is true; a baby will cry in the womb but due to the fluid in between it makes it impossible to hear.

Did you know that the longest recorded pregnancy was 375 days? Yep, you read that right three hundred and seventy five days… We couldn’t believe it either!


food cravings

You will have strange cravings – MTYH

Unbelievably, not all mums-to-be get weird cravings although it tends to be the most talked about change during pregnancy.

Cravings in general are a result of hormonal changes in the body. The sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels can often lead to the need for comfort foods full of sugar.  


coffee for pregnant mums

You can’t enjoy coffee – MYTH & FACT

Don’t rule out coffee completely but by all means don’t go overboard – just be careful.

The general recommendation is not to exceed 200mg of caffeine, which is around a couple of cups of coffee a day.

There has been studies rightly or wrongly on animals which have shown that caffeine can cause birth defects and premature labour. Whilst the tests haven’t been done on humans it is better to be safe.

Baby Centre have a great guide on what is classed a safe on their website.


frogs used for pregnancy

Frogs can be used to test for pregnancy – FACT

Yep! Frogs were used up until 1950 to help with pregnancy checks, the female frog would be injected with the urine of the patient. If that frog then produced eggs this would result in a positive test.

It was named the Bufo test, based on the toad used originally to carry out the test.


hot tub for expecting mums

You should not use Jacuzzi’s – FACT

Exceptionally warm temperatures could raise your body’s temperature and could be dangerous for your baby. Heat can often lower the blood pressure in your body too and this could affect how it flows to the baby.


curry to help with pregnancy

Eating a curry can help with labour – MYTH

We think this ones been around a while, eating a curry surely will bring on labour right?

The theory is that a curry can stimulate the bowels, which would then stimulate the uterus.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence, which proves this.



interesting pregnancy myth and facts

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