3 Clear Advantages of Using Wall Stickers for Nursery

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There are so many advantages to using wall stickers for not only the nursery but also all around the home and work place.

In today’s blog we are explaining what we think are the top three benefits to using them over traditional decorating methods such as wallpaper.

Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers

1. They can last over 5 years (Indoors)

The biggest advantage has to be the lifespan of wall decals; but there are two factors, which affect how long they will last.

Vinyl stickers can last for years outdoors as well as indoors and are commonly found on vehicles and business windows for advertising purposes.

The most important is the quality of the vinyl, providing they have been made with high quality materials then they will not fade or decline as time goes by.

You will also generally find that the glue compound is of a better quality and more robust in the application stage.

The application of wall stickers is also vital, if they have been rushed or applied in the wrong conditions there is little hope for them to last a very long time. We have made a detailed instruction guide on how to apply wall decals to ensure you do not fall foul of this mistake.

2. They are easier to fit than wallpaper

Fitting wall stickers is easy even when faced with full wall decals for the nursery room. There is no need for messy wallpaper paste, wallpaper tables or accurate measuring of lines.

Furthermore, when it comes to removing that wallpaper you will need a full weekend just to get it off the walls completely. No one has time for that – let alone busy parents with kids!

If purchasing our cloud wall stickers you can simply peel and stick these clouds on to any cleaned flat surfaces for instant results.

Even our jungle wall stickers, which are generally involve multiple objects, can be applied one by one compared to long rolls of wallpaper.

3. There is no damage to walls

When it comes to the removal of wall stickers there are simple steps that can be followed to ensure they come off without damaging the existing wall.

This naturally depends on how long they have been on the wall for but we would always recommend heating them up before attempting to remove. This is achieved easily with the use of a hairdryer on a medium setting. The heat activates the glue compound making it easier to remove.

We would also advise doing this in stages if you have particularly large wall stickers, working slowly from different edges first to meet at a central point.
Once wall decals are removed there may be some left over glue residue on the walls, simply use a soft damp cloth to wipe these away.

 nursery wall stickers

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