3 Must Buy Wall Stickers For Your Baby Room

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We round up our 3 favourite wall stickers & decals for your nursery or baby room for 2018. If you've never considered this type of wall art then check out our wall stickers benefits!

Why Should You Choose Wall Stickers?

In short they're super easy to apply - saving you a ton of time to spend elsewhere.

Nice and cheap! High quality but affordable.

They look beautiful ! If carefully considered you can create truly gorgeous wall designs for your playroom or child's bedroom. 

Our Favourite Picks

Moon and stars wall sticker decal
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Moon and Star Wall Stickers

The nursery should never be a plain or dull place. Wall stickers for nursery offer an excellent chance of getting rid of the dullness and giving this wonderful place where infants rest a bit of life.

The Moon & Stars and Decal for Nursery Baby Room are two of the best wall stickers for the nursery combined. 

The moon and the stars and decal are all wonderfully simple yet capable of grabbing the attention of child or children in the nursery.

Simplicity always appeals to the minds of these beautiful souls. Feel free to arrange them as you deem fit. Incorporate your own style and stick them in a part of the nursery the little ones are more prone to gazing at.

Whilst this sticker is more delicate then some it is still relatively easy to apply. Our black on white/cream paint example about is a great way to create a bold appearance. Alternatively you could opt for a grey theme so that it is a little more subtle. 

Available now in soft pink, black, orange, grey and white colour. 

elephant wall sticker decal
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Cute Family Elephant Wall Stickers

Cute Family Elephant wall stickers are among the best for the nursery. The grey background on which the family of elephants are drawn offers babies a calmness that allows them to spend time in the nursery without feeling scared or abandoned.

Babies who spend time in the nursery are probably too young to understand complex ideas.

Nevertheless, they understand love. The Cute Family Elephant Wall Stickers are a perfect depiction of love. The stickers represent a complete family of three: mom, dad, and baby. The stickers represent happiness too.

What is more, the stickers are not gender-based. Parents can stick them up on the walls in a boy’s or daughter’s nursery without making the room appear odd in any way. Stick them up your baby’s nursery to create the right environment for the child to relax.

Don't forget - they're easy to fit using our free online wall sticker guide found at the bottom of our website.


personalised wall sticker decal
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Personalised Name, Letter and Hot Air Balloon Vinyl Wall Sticker

Lооkіng fоr the perfect nаmе wаll dесаl stickers? This ones a big favourite with many parents. 

Cuѕtоmіsing уоur child's rооm wіth a реrѕоnаlіsed wаll dесаl is an excellent way of making a truly bespoke appearance. 

Hot air balloons combined with clouds seem to always create the perfect atmosphere for a baby room.

Who wouldn't be relaxed sat glazing in the clouds, blissfully floating along a hot air balloon?

Set behind the baby cot or bed as in the above example is often a popular choice. We'd recommend setting it on a plain surface so that you create a real draw of attention to the decal. 

Express your love to your beautiful child by personalising their name using this wall sticker.

Remember, this decal is fully customisable from including all colours text and letters. 

Check out our full range of nursery wall stickers for our full range of beautiful wall stickers and decals for your baby room today. 

3 must buy wall stickers for nursery

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