5 Newborn Baby Essentials You Didn't Know About

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If you're preparing eagerly for your newborn's arrival you will have read a ton of blogs already explaining all the things you need before they arrive. 
In our findings we came across a ton of repeated content and soon got tired of seeing the same old tips!  So we went on the search to find out what couples REALLY needed, the essentials that you couldn't live without.
We scoured the internet for information, bloggers for their input and also pestered our close friends to find out what they found most essential to them and their baby in the early years. 
Have you got the below items on your list already? If so you're super prepared, otherwise thank us later (in a few years time!).
Nursing Pads

Nursing Pads

If you're planning on breastfeeding our research tells us you will more than likely need these little life savers. Even if you don't think you will leak, you need to be prepared because it is just plain embarrassing to be caught out.

They are designed to absorb any leaking milk from breasts and the best pads will help reduce moisture, resulting in a more comfortable you. 

They are barely noticeable and easy to apply, they're literally a two minute job so can easily be applied in the middle of your weekly shop should you leak.

You don't need to keep spending money on disposable ones either, find a couple packs of the washable kind to save you pennies.

Nasal Aspirator

John Lewis Nasal Aspirator Just £2.99


Nasal Aspirator 

You need a tool to remove your babies bogies? Surely not! But its true, we came across this recommendation so many times so its up there as one of those must haves - its not just a gimmick! 

The idea is that these nasal aspirators clear out your baby's congestion quickly, easily and safely. It'll help them sleep and eat better resulting in hopefully a better night sleep for you.

We'd recommend you avoid those cheap bulb syringes, they don't look particularly nice and it can't be that great poking a tube into your babies nose over and over again. 

You can't just use a regular wipe or tissue either. Tissues despite how soft they are will always be too rough for your babies delicate skin.

Wipes are along the right path but end up leaving residue. Get yourself some wipes which are specially designed for your babies bogies.

Video baby monitor

Video baby Monitor

Seen as an necessary luxury for some but it will put your mind at rest that is for sure. OK, yes you don't NEED a video monitor we lets dig into some of the reasons why you should and you may just find the benefits may outweigh the initial cost.

One glance and you will have eyes on your baby, allowing you to check up on them whenever you want.

Checking up on any trapped limbs or other potential hazards without risking waking them up. Your legs will thank you, especially in those early months when you'll likely get a lot less sleep.

You'll find yourself at times wanting to just check up on them and a quick check up on your monitor will give you that reassurance you're after. 

Baby Car Mirrors

Baby Car Mirror from Amazon

Interior Car Safety Mirror

Care safety mirrors are designed to help you keep an eye on your baby when you are driving, particularly on longer trips when you are on your own.

Often they will become fussy and noisy and you're blind to what is happening without turning around, which is ridiculously dangerous when you are behind the wheel.

I'd exercise this one with caution though, safety is in the name of this product you need to remain observant to the road and avoid checking up on your baby more often than is necessary.

Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens from Asda Just £1.00

Baby Mittens 

In your babies early days those nails will be too sharp for that delicately soft skin, you most definitely want to get your hands (do you get it?!) on some baby mittens. 

They'll fuss and fidget about and no matter what you think, you simply can't keep your eyes on them 24/7.

But our recommendation is that you should definitely consider baby mittens in the very early stages, before you can start the first nail filing. 

It kind of begs the question why most baby onesies don't come with these as standard.

You can, of course, avoid purchasing these in the hope that your baby don't scratch their face. Our money saving advice is to simply pop some newborn socks on to their hands to keep them from doing it for the first few weeks - job done.

newborn baby essentials

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