20 Facts About Babies That You Might Not Know

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Having a baby is one, if not the most memorable period in life. Their teeny tiny little hands and feet is truly a wonderful sight every single day. Today we thought we'd do something a little bit different. We've collated some of the most interesting and fun baby facts that you might not have known before.

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  1. 4 Babies Are Born Every Single Second - There's another second and another... 12 babies already by the time you have read this. Its quite staggering and this number is only going to grow as our overall population does.

    baby facts - babies cant taste salt

  2. A Baby Can't Initially Taste Salt - Yep, for the first 4 months of their life at least they can't taste salt whatsoever. It is thought that the delay is due to the kidneys still developing. 

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  3. Your Babies Eyes Are 75% Of An Adults - OK, this isn't fun or particularly interesting but what is, is the fact that babies eyes have a vision of around 20/400 compared to an adults fully developed normal vision of 20/20. Effectively meaning that anything remotely small will be completely blurry until you're close up. There is actually a cool visual display of what it looks like to your baby over at All About Vision.

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  4. Your Babies Brain Will Grown Double - Within the first year it'll grow to be double the original size and at around 1 year old it should be half the size of an adults brain.

    baby hearing

  5. Almost Instantly Your Baby Can Hear You - Within the first 15 minutes of birth your baby will be able to hear you. So intricate that they'll even know where its coming from. 

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  6. Your Baby Is Connected To You Way Before Birth - If you didn't know already your baby has a special emotional bond with you all through the stages of pregnancy. Research has been done on pregnant women listening to music they enjoy, it resulted in babies moving about more in the womb. Further research has told us that babies are now responding to the positive emotions rather than sounds. 

    baby crying

  7. Newborns Don't Shed Tears - Even if they cry almost instantly they're not shedding any tears at all. Tear ducts and their glands have been developed but only enough to protect and lubricate the eyes is released. On average you'll be waiting a few months until they start to arrive.

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  8. Babies Have A Noggin - Ever heard of the word 'noggin' before? I have its commonly used when people tell you to use your brain. But it is actually a piece of protein that protects the skull of a newborn whilst the skull is still fusing together.

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  9. That's A Whopper - To date the heaviest baby to be born and survive was a 22 pound 8 ounce Italian newborn back in 1955. 

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  1. One In 3 Have A Birthmark - Do you have one? Well 1 in 3 newborns have one and its perfectly normal albeit surprising fact. 

    newborn baby facts

  2. They Can Breathe And Swallow At The Same Time - Believe it or not they can breathe and swallow at exactly the same time until around 7 months old.

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  3. Their Hair May Fall Out - Don't panic, it's meant to happen. They could well have a wealth of cute baby hair right now but it may all fall out and regrow over the next year. 

    newborn baby sleeping

  4. They'll Sleep A Lot - Maybe not surprising but at first they're likely to only be alert for around three minutes in every hour they're awake. 

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  5. They'll Find Your Breasts Quickly - Even just lay there on your chest, their natural instinct and attention to smell will alert them to feed. Which we think is pretty amazing in itself. 

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  6. Learning To Talk Started A Long Time Ago - Contrary to belief your baby starts to learn to talk whilst they are in the womb, at around 23 weeks in fact. 

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  7. They Can Swim - Naturally they hold their breath underwater as well as splash about so its completely safe with the right monitoring. 

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  8. They Have A Stomach The Size Of A Hazelnut - Newborns have such a tiny stomach and many parents don't realise how small they really are. This will explain why they feed so often as they can't hold as much in their tiny stomachs. They grow quickly though, within a week or two it'll be about the size of an apricot and a large egg within two weeks - check that out for growth!

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  9. They Have More Bones Than Us - A lot more, we have around 206 bones in our body but a typical newborn has 300. As they grown their bones fuse together to develop things like kneecaps and even the skull. 

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  10. Babies Have Drank Their Own Wee - Well they will have to urinate whilst their in the womb and yes they drink it! Well kind of, the urine will mix with the amniotic fluid which is around the baby whilst in the uterus.

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  11. Stock Up On Nappies - Your newborn will go through about 2,700 nappies in just a single year.  

20 amazing baby facts

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