Budget Baby Nursery Ideas You Need To Know About

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Designing your baby nursery room shouldn't have to break the bank or, on the flip side, mean you end up skimping on the essentials.

Before you start your project be sure to check out these top tips to help keep costs down for your child's play room or bedroom. 

Think About Your Changing Area

Nursery Change Table

You'll scroll through Pinterest on a Sunday evening and seen numerous inspirational images, of which a lot will include changing areas. 

For some parents they are a necessity whilst for others they simply get in the way. Why though? Well, it is all very much dependant on circumstances, since some parents do not have the space in their baby room to accommodate a bulky changing area. 

We would advise looking for a second hand changing table from eBay or in a Facebook group.

Babies grow up so quickly meaning there is a wide range of well looked after baby furniture available online, for a fraction of the cost. 

Nursery Changing Station Ideas

You could also create a changing station by utilise a chest of drawers with everything you need all in compact space.

For us, Ikea springs to mind, you can't go wrong with their range of stock and affordable prices. Best of all, once your little one has grown up and there is no use for the changing table it can be sold on or used as a an actual chest of drawers!

Others who don't think that they're necessary find that their knees and back suffer months down the line.

We know of a couple who have ended up purchasing one for their second child, but with wheels so they could easily move from their nursery room to bedroom. 

Lottie at Rock My Family shows this off perfectly in her blog post Creating A Changing Station, she goes into detail about some really cool changing station adaptions from John Lewis and Ikea that is really worth a read.

Keep The Decor Simple

Personalised nursery wall stickers

There's no need to over complicate the decorations, sometimes the simple additions can be the most effective.

Create a one-of-a-kind baby room by using personalised wall stickers, you simply peel and stick them to the walls. Even better, when it comes to changing up the decor you can remove them at ease by using our handy wall sticker guide

Baby Room Decor

You could also think about personalised frames, which are in trend at the moment, set them above your crib or changing station for maximum effect against a lightly coloured wall.

We've seen these available on Amazon and Etsy for as little as £5 each, that coupled with a simply painted wall is affordable for all parents.

Think Long Term

In years to come that nursery or baby room will become a little boy or girls room and then a teenagers. Therefore, it is important to think long term about your choices of furniture and decor now.

If you purchase that furniture piece, will you be able to use it around the house? If not, can it be sold relatively easily?

Lots of parents like the idea of a colour themed nursery room, but sometimes a uniquely coloured crib may be an absolute nightmare to sell in the future if that colour is now out of fashion.

Keep this in mind and you will be able to get a lot more out of your initial nursery room for your money. 

budget baby nursery ideas

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