Dos & Dont's For Decorating a Nursery

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Decorating a nursery room is not easy, but it can be fun! Parents put a lot of effort into building their perfect baby room and that recently led us a question we wanted answering...

What are the dos and dont's that all parents should be aware of when decorating a nursery?

Nursery Do's:

  1. Avoid Clutter

    Probably the most obvious but you will end up coming back around to this one a few times. In the middle of the night, you will be back and forth between your bedroom and the nursery room so the last thing you want is obstacles to miss when you are half-awake! 
    Yes were talking playmats, chairs, toys books, etc if you plan to have them make sure they are out the way before you head to bed or strategically place them in the corner of a room.

  2.  Think Safety

    Safety is key, we don't have to tell you that but some important things to keep in mind are that cots need to meet BS EN 716-2:2008. A British standard code to ensure the cot is deep enough to prevent falling out, avoids steps and ensures adequate spacing between the bars. 

    Check all power leads to ensure they are not damaged or loose. When it comes to the power sockets, you can buy covers, which becomes even more useful as they get into their early years. 

    Ensure smoke alarms are fitted on each floor of the home as well as a carbon monoxide tester. 

    Avoid putting pillows, cushions etc in the cot. They may look adorable, soft and comfortable but they increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 
    Whilst we are on the subject of cots, keep them away from heat sources or direct sunlight. 

    Room temperate should be regularly monitored, ideally around 16 - 20 degrees Celsius when sleeping.  

  3. Keep In Mind The Bigger Picture

    We have referenced this on other blog posts, remember that your baby doesn't stay small forever. They grow up ridiculously fast and will quickly outgrow what you have bought. This meaning you want to future proof your purchases, in particular furniture. 

    Think wisely about purchasing used and ask yourself the question with all of your purchased - how long will this be useful for? 
  4. Buy Washable Only

    Make sure that, as much of what you purchase is washable. Avoid anything which is a spot clean job as you will end up regretting it. 

    Believe it or not they will end up weeing in places you never thought they would including the wall. 

    So, whether you are have a painted wall or wallpaper think ahead and ensure that it is at least washable and won’t get damaged when you try to clean up. 

  5. Go With A Theme

    You don't need to be completely set on a particular theme but it may be a good idea to go with a 'general theme'. It will help ensure you are not side-tracked with other beautiful themes so once you have made up your mind - stick with it!

    Gender-neutral designs are most popular since they can suit both boys and girl’s bedrooms if you wish to keep it a surprise. They also tend to stay most relevant as the child grows up, requiring fewer changes than other themes like a safari or jungle. 

Nursery Dont's:

  1. Don't Buy A Ton Of Toys

    Babies believe it or not, don't need a lot of toys - especially in the early years. Even in those years, they tend to prefer messing with all your household items like bowls, spoons and anything they can get their hands on! 

    Sometimes it is unavoidable; you will get them as presents from family and friends so save them for later. Rotate the toys around will also help make older toys look new. 

  2. You Don't Need Everything!

    This comes back to keeping things simple; unbelievably children don't actually take up much space. When we’re surfing the internet or shopping out and about there are far too many temping deals (and also adorable products that we want!) which can often lead to unnecessary purchases.

    Keeping that hand in your pocket won’t just save you some pennies but it'll save you the disappointment of realising you probably didn't need that cute new baby elephant light as your original light does just the job!

    So think first - is it necessary?

  3. Don't Wait About To Baby Proof

    Just because they aren't walking yet doesn't mean you can neglect this vital tip. Cover electrical points, tuck away power chords and prevent any furniture, which is liable to move without any real force. It will soon sneak up on you the day they start to master walking and by then you’ll be the one playing catch up. 

    There are plenty of nursery safety tips available on the internet. You won’t be able to protect against every situation but you will feel more assured following a guide or listening to close friends that have been there and done it before you.

  4. Avoid Harsh Lighting

    This is a biggy, a soft glowing light in a nursery room isn't there just to make a baby room look warm and inviting. 

    That soft light helps look after those delicate, underdeveloped eyes and ensure they rest as it reduces the contract between dark and light. 
    Exposed bulbs & bright lights should also be avoided, whilst it probably has not been proven to harm your babies eyes it surely cannot be comfortable. 

    Natural light is great but not if is during the summer months and wakes your little one up earlier than you would have liked. Keep that nursery cool and fairly dark when they are sleeping will not only help them sleep longer but it will also help against them getting too hot. 

  5. Don't Forget About You

    Your first thoughts are about the baby and rightly so, but do not neglect thinking about yourself. You are going to be spending a lot of time in your baby room too so you should definitely plan for it.

    Create space for you to relax whilst you watch over your children is key to ensuring you are looking after yourself too. Set up space that is comfortable and practical.

 nursery decor tips

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