Simple Yet Effective Cloud Wall Stickers For Your Nursery

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Have you been looking at ways to decorate your babies nursery room but haven’t quite worked out what you want yet?

Do you want decor that is simple and effective? If that is the case then definitely check out cloud wall stickers as a potential theme for your baby room. 

What are Wall Stickers & Decals?

A wall sticker is an adhesive product that you peel off a piece of paper to stick on a wall – super easy work!

With decals, they sometimes require transfer sheets so you remove the wall decal off its current sheet of paper, on to a transfer sheet and then finally on to you wall.

There is a little bit more involved but the result is just as good as a wall sticker.

baby cloud wall decals

Decals are perfect when you have multiple small parts, such as a tree with lots of branches; you can transfer parts off at your own pace.

They make a lot of sense for busy mums with a hundred and ten things on their list to do already.

Both decals and stickers are made of PVC, that’s PolyVinyl Chloride, which is a super flexible vinyl film.

PVC is affordable, environmentally friendly and often long lasting but let’s not bore you with all the technical information!

Why Choose Cloud Wall Stickers?

They are quick to apply

Due to their cute cartoon like shape, clouds are easy to peel off and stick on to a wall in exactly the way you want.

With little ease, you can get a whole wall done in a few hours, which should last for years to come if you are planning long term for your nursery decor.

They are quick to remove

Once you are ready to remove them, you can use our detailed wall sticker instructions to remove them.

Pro Tip: We recommend using a hair dryer to heat up the glue so not to damage the wall.

It don’t matter if they have been on your wall for a few months or three years they will still come away providing they are warmed up first.

They are versatile

Cloud wall stickers are not just for plain walls, you can use them almost anywhere.

You can use them on painted walls, smooth wallpaper, ceramic tiles, plastic, glass, wood and any flat metal surfaces.

wall stickers for nursery

There are many styles to choose from

There are often hundreds of styles to choose from and as many colours to match your particular theme.

The most common colours are often black, white and grey all being gender neutral and great for monochrome / black and white nursery décor styles.

cloud wall stickers for nursery
13 mixed size cloud wall stickers - click the image to view our product 😊

Don’t worry though, you’re not limited to just these colours - nope.

Suppliers will often offer a wide range of colours including vibrant pink, baby blue, baby pink & more. 

cloud wall stickers
8 x Cloud Wall Stickers, Childrens Wall Stickers by Vinyl Wall Store


We only provide nursery decals, holding an assortment of themes such as safari wall stickers, Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers and Elephant wall stickers just to name a few.

We proudly offer a money back guarantee, where, if your decal peels away within 30 days you will be entitled to a full refund or replacement.

cloud wall stickers for baby room

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