Top 3 - Modern Pattern Wall Sticker Ideas

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Pattern wall stickers have become a popular option when decorating rooms in the past few years. It is quite simple to see why, they are easy to apply and provide a subtle yet tasteful look.

As with all of our wall stickers, they are easy to remove but will equally last for years to come when following our wall sticker installation guide.

Pineapple Wall Stickers

We specialise in Nursery and children’s room decorations, however many of the stickers we have on offer can be applied to any room in the home. We have seen polka dot shapes applied to feature walls in the kitchen and flower patterns decoratively arranged in the living room.

Dark Blue Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers

Dark blue hot air balloon wall stickers work well in a baby boy’s nursery room. The decoration is clean and stands out well against plain walls. Once they grow a little older, you can simply remove them to restore your wall back to its original look or alternatively replace it with something a little more appropriate for their age. 

Polka Dot Wall Stickers

Polka dots have become all the range recently and are certainly a brilliant addition to the nursery room. You can purchase them in a wide range of colours from light purple to vibrant pink, perfect if you have a colour theme in mind. Polka Dots stickers are often attached to a white or clear transfer sheet, where you can simply peel them off ready to be applied to a surface. Remember it is key to ensure that the surface they are applied to is clean and completely dry.

Check out our bestselling pattern wall stickers by searching “pattern” into the search bar at the top of this page.

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