Top 3 Tips For Long Lasting Vinyl Wall Stickers

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We've tested hundreds of different styles and shapes to give you the very best advice if you're looking for maximum value before applying your wall art. Follow these 3 tips and you're almost guaranteed to have wall decor that will last for years to come not months! 

Our very first rented property was a lovely two bedroom, semi-detached house set in the midlands. It was originally built in the late 1800's for the workers who made their living in a nearby factory, which sadly no longer exists.

When we moved in we found it had recently been painted, and since it didn't get much natural sunlight it struggled to dry completely. We also noticed it didn't keep in heat too well, which was a blessing in the summer but a nightmare in the winter. Needless to say we spent a fortune in heating bills but in doing so we found out the hard way when attempting to apply our wall stickers.

Tip 1 - Temperature 

sunTemperature plays a major role in the application of wall stickers, whilst there's no definitive guide of temperatures to apply them in we'd recommend applying them in no less than 15 degrees centigrade.
One evening after coming home late from work i was eager to apply the recently purchased wall sticker that had arrived within two weeks. So, being the impatient person i am i tore open the packaging and got to work with the instructions. 
I knew it was cold as i still had my coat on but when applying half of the stickers they simply would not remain stuck to the wall. What a nightmare!
It sounds obvious now, however at the time i hadn't picked up on the fact that it was less than 10 degrees in the house. Yep, it got really cold in these old houses in the winter, plus i'd left the window open (oops!).
After some googling it became apparent that the low temperature meant the glue compound on the vinyl sticker couldn't fully activate and be as sticky as possible. I'm quite sceptical and thought it was a faulty batch so i left the other half of the sticker until the heating had kicked in.
Sure enough, once it was around 18 degrees the stickers were very sticky to touch and the walls were not as cold either.

So Tip 1 - Make sure that its reasonably warm and that the stickers are sticky.

Tip 2 - Allow Painted Walls To Dry

clockWe've been asked this tip quite a few times by those who have recently decorated their nursery room. Our advice is to ensure that freshly painted walls have been left to dry completely. Generally this takes 2-3 weeks but in the winter it may take even longer.
If you try to apply stickers whilst they are still wet or damp you will find that they will peel off in a very short period of time. Adhesive glue needs to adhere to a completely dry surface in order for it to be effective. 

Tip 3 - Where Did I Put That Hairdryer? 

hairdryerYou can start to see a trend now by the time we get to tip 3 in that heat has a lot to do with vinyl wall stickers. Don't be afraid to use a hairdryer on any stubborn stickers that don't fully want to stick to the wall. We also recommend using a hairdryer to run over the dry wall as preparation. 
Before applying large and often expensive wall stickers you'll need to apply them with more care and attention than normal. The process simply can't be rushed, and to make it as easy as possible we'd recommend running the hairdryer over stickers so they have the best possible hold on to that wall. 

And that's it, our top 3 tips to ensuring your wall stickers last for years to come. Don't let your hard work and patience go to waste, please check our our full in depth guide on how to apply wall stickers.

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