Below are some common questions from our clients before purchasing vinyl wall stickers, if you have any other questions, please Contact Us.


We'd love to guarantee this but many of our stickers are manufactured differently and it also depends on how long the stickers have been applied for. Try heating up the sticker using a hairdryer you should then be able to remove them without disturbing the glue and re-position appropriately.
Always ensure wall stickers are applied to clean and flat surfaces for best results. If the surface is rough or has a textured finish there will be issues with them bonding properly. It is best practice to apply a small portion of your wall sticker where possible first before applying the complete sticker. 
Before applying to newly painted walls be sure to allow walls to dry for around 3-4 weeks to ensure wall stickers last as long as possible. 
Years! If you've followed our online instructions carefully you will benefit long lasting vinyl stickers.
Whilst this is something we don't currently offer we will be looking to add this to our ever growing list of products soon. Keep your eyes peeled.
Straight away! OK we know this is not always possible but we'd recommend applying them within 4-5 weeks of delivery. If the decal is left longer than this, the glue may dry out which could prevent it from adhering to the wall properly.  
Delivery takes around 7-14 working days from the purchase date. Best of all we provide free delivery on all UK orders, yes ALL! 
Super duper easy, simply get yourself a hairdryer and run it over the vinyl sticker for a few minutes until fairly warm. Then try to peel back a small piece to ensure it removes with ease. This will minimise any damage to walls but also ensure there is little (if any) glue left on the wall.
Absolutely nothing, it's just the different terminology that people use.
That is not a problem. You just need to modify the width/height ratio in theme settings.
Unfortunately we can't guarantee that our wall stickers will not damage your wall. Many contributing factors such as damp, thin paint and generally poor surfaces can have an impact on the durability of wall stickers but also how easily they are removed once no longer needed. 
All of our decals are securely packaged in mailing bags or postal tubes.
We provide simple online step-by-step instructions for all decals which are available 24/7 from our website via a computer or mobile. These instructions are also emailed to you in case you'd like to print them off.
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